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Pictured: Lexington Temple | Pattern: Marie Antoinette
Plano Texas Collin County
Source: City of Plano

Let's Get You Settled In

Just a few decades ago, Collin County was mostly a wide-open prairie, dotted with a few farms, ranches, and towns. It was a long way to the traffic and tumult of Dallas, but things began to change. People realized that life could be cleaner in Collin County, and they began to move in. Soon after, businesses recognized that there were more people in the area, so they started to open. When more people saw the businesses, they moved too. But Collin County has not turned into another Dallas, even though it does contain some of the huge city within its borders and has a population of almost 1 million people. The living–a little bit cosmopolitan, a little bit country –is still easier in Collin County.  Read more about Collin County.

Just like you, Impressions Hardwood Collection has recently moved in!

We're Right Here With You!

Having recently taken up residence in Collin County ourselves, Impressions Hardwood Collection knows exactly how it feels to set up a new home in the area. We also know how important it is to get your home just right. That’s why we hope you’ll accept our gift to you: 10% off of your purchase of the new Lexington Series (500 square feet or more) and a free Impressions Cleaning Kit with your purchase of any floor in the Impressions Hardwood Collection!

Welcome to the neighborhood! Please, accept our housewarming gift!

Fill out the form below! We will email you a coupon that is good for 10% off of your purchase of an Impressions Hardwood Collection: Lexington Series (500 square feet or more) and a FREE Impressions Cleaning Kit with your purchase! (See Offer Details in the form for details and limitations.)