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Regular maintenance is key to years of durable, beautiful enjoyment of your hardwood floors. Keep dust, dirt and debris off of the floor which can act like sand paper when walked on. Vacuum and sweep regularly, and use your Impressions Hardwood Cleaning Kit often.

Impressions Hardwood Collection’s All in One Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit has everything you need for maintaining beautiful wood floors all in ONE BOX!

  • Non-toxic
  • Dries in minutes
  • Won’t build up like oil soaps, waxes or polishes
  • Easy to use
  • 100% residue free
  • PH Neutral
  • Safe for urethane & aluminum oxide finishes
  • Compatible with Pallmann Magic Oil
  • Lemon scent
  • Includes mop, cleaning pad, dust pad, & 32 oz of cleaner
Bower Power

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Color Solutions


Need to match an existing finish? Does your floor need a touch up? If you’ve purchased a product from Impressions and you know the color, we can provide high quality stain to help coordinate your moulding or stairs to your new floor. Not sure what color you need? No problem. Our engineers can color match your existing finish.

Color Solutions stain has excellent penetration, grain definition, and fade resistant properties which makes it the ideal stain for use on stair parts, floor vents, moulding, and other flooring accessories. The stain is designed to use with our Impressions pre-finished hardwood flooring but can be used for wood cabinets, paneling, trim, and furniture as well. Available in many of the Impressions flooring colors. If you need a color solution, we can help.

Complementary Hardwood Products

Our wood products are available through a retailer in your area!

Stair Treads and Risers

Impressions stair treads provide an affordable, easy and fast way to update currently carpeted stairways. Our treads fit right over your worn or previously carpeted stairs to add richness and warmth that only comes using natural wood.

Our stair risers and treads are available in unfinished hardwoods and can be stained to coordinate with many of the colors available in our Impressions Hardwood Collection line.

If you are looking for pre-finished stair risers or treads, we strongly recommend considering unfinished treads and risers instead. Often, stair components are manufactured by a different factory (sometimes by a different company in an entirely different part of the country.) Because of this, it is advisable to purchase unfinished stairs and color match the finishing stain to your existing floor. This will greatly reduce the chance that your stairs and floor fail to coordinate.

Floor and Stairs
Flush Mount Vents
Flush Mount Vent
Drop In Vent
Drop In Vent

Wood Floor Vents

Selecting floor registers is usually a decorative afterthought, but nothing adds warmth and class to your floors like natural wood floor registers. Our wood floor registers are solid hardwood and available in both flush mount and drop in models. For added design flexibility, our registers can be matched to any color available in our entire Impressions Hardwood Collection line.

Our flush mount floor register sets flat on the subfloor, offering a streamline and clean look. The frame is set permanently into the flooring while the vent is removable for duct cleaning.

Our drop in wood floor registers are designed to easily replace metal registers and add instant warmth and beauty to any room. Available in an array of pre-finished stain colors and wood species, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any floor covering.

Why spend time, effort, and money to install a beautiful hardwood floor, only to drop in dark metal vents that only serve to break up the visual cohesiveness you are trying to achieve?

Replacing metal registers with wood floor registers will add style, quality and value to any home. With several design options and colors to complement any existing flooring and décor, wood floor registers are simply the natural choice.


Baby Threshold

Baby Threshold

Baby Threshold


Quarter Round

Quarter Round





Installing wood moulding in an existing living space adds instant style, value and architectural elegance. Incorporating wood moulding creates beauty and sophistication in any home.

Our moulding is available in several species and for a custom design look, our moulding can be coordinated to any color available in our entire Impressions Hardwood Collection line.

Our wood products are available through a retailer in your area!