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No matter what look you want to achieve in your home, the Newport Series has the versatility to match virtually any style. Choose from a wide range of species, including Maple, Hickory, Tigerwood, and Brazilian Cherry. This 3/4-inch solid flooring is prefinished to bring out the intrinsic color, grain, and detail of the wood. The low-gloss aluminum oxide coating provides an extremely long lasting, durable finish.

The Newport Series is an outstanding choice for homeowners who wish to find an attractive and durable flooring option that will last for years after installation. This product has long been recognized for its exceptional quality and value. With the Newport Series, homeowners can expect nothing less than the best.

Please note: Brazilian Cherry will darken from exposure to natural sunlight. Maple is a beautiful natural material that can vary from an off-white cream color to reddish or golden hues with dark reddish brown tones. The grain is subdued and generally straight but can be wavy.