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Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty

IHC warrants, to the original purchaser, that its products, in their original manufactured condition, will be free from manufacturing defects in milling, dimension, and grade for the lifetime of the floor. Structural integrity does not cover the normal expansion and contraction that solid wood floors may experience between boards at different times during the year. If minor separations do occur, they are not covered by this warranty. Cupping or crowning due to excessive moisture or humidity is not covered by this warranty.

Lifetime Wear Layer Warranty

IHC warrants, to the original purchaser, that its surface wear layer will not wear through or separate from the wood for the lifetime of the floor from the original date of purchase, on all prefinished products, when used in normal residential traffic conditions.

We recommend using the Impressions Hardwood floor care products to maintain the beauty of your floor. The use of other products not formulated for your IHC floor may damage your floor and void the warranty.

IHC Warranty Exclusions

The patterns and color variations created in a living tree are like all of nature – never repeated. Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, variations in grain and color, are not considered defects. Your newly installed floor will vary from samples or pictures shown – this variation is not covered by our warranty. Also, species, age, character, and exposure to sunlight may keep new or replacement flooring from matching existing flooring or samples. Because hardwood flooring is a natural product, it will expand and contract due to seasonal moisture level changes.

All wood flooring will undergo natural color changes due to the effects of sunlight and /or ultraviolet light and changes are not covered by our warranty. Area rugs and other furnishings should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloration under the rug. This is not a product defect.

IHC warranties exclude indentations, scratches or damages caused by misuse, negligence, accidents, fire, erosion, insects, pets, shoes, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, lack of proper maintenance, insufficient protection on furniture, and misuse or improper alterations of the manufactured product. Damage due to water and/or moisture, including, but not limited to damage resulting from broken or leaking pipes, wet mopping, weather conditions or natural disasters, is excluded from Horizon Forest Products warranties.

INSTALLATION OF ANY FLOORING CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF ITS GRADE, MILLING, AND FINISH. As Impressions Hardwood Flooring has no control over installation methods or site conditions, we cannot warranty any installation or site related issue.

Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear, therefore it is not covered under this warranty. This writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the warranty, and is in lieu of all other expressed and/or statutory warranties. IHC assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Claims Information

In the unlikely event that any portion of your IHC floor should fail with respect to the provisions of the warranties, IHC, at its sole option, to the original purchaser, will repair, refinish or replace such portion, at no cost to you, with the same product of equal value. In the unlikely event that IHC is not able to correct the failure after a reasonable number of attempts, IHC will refund, if requested, the purchase price for the portion of the floor that fails.

IHC reserves the right to have its representative inspect the floor and remove samples for technical analysis.

Download a PDF of this Warranty